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    I just noticed that my last post was almost gone and i wished to stay on the site so i found some old random pics and...here they are! Chilibug relieving at home...

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    "just reminisce in the winter naked if you dare :)...

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    Hola amigos, agradezco sus comentarios, esta contribucion es especialmente a todos aquellos que me han apoyado hasta el momento, espero complacerles en sus peticiones y de nueva cuenta insisto en que acepto sugerencias para las nuevas sesiones. Los quiero mucho...

    September 2018 2:6:57

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    You'Ve Got Dezire - Isn't that a song somewhere?? Hi guys/gals, I was so glad too meet and photograph Dezire. She's one of those...down home...very pleased to meet you....kinda people. Now I have to work on her shyness...lol. Hugz, Cherrie.

    September 2018 21:43:22

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    To hubby, and everyone else out there, blessed birthday! Tell me what you think of my boobies! And By the way to hubby, if anyone we know actually sees this, I will die of embarrassment, and you are in big trouble! Blessed bday anyway, and yes I lost a bet people!

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