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    Big-titted Russian stunner in playa cabin

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments I received when the Mountain Man sent in my very first contri. Since they were so good, we determined to send in a few more. Please recall to vote, and leave your comments and suggestions. They are greatly appreciated and lead to MORE photos.

    March 2018 16:13:10

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    Gals With Fine Breasts On Beaches

    This is a fresh version of an older song, "Albatross". You may have noticed from many of my other postings that I tend to like older things. Whether it is paintings, music, or furniture... I realize that may limit my aficionado base but I perceive that quality is "Timeless". Do you agree?

    March 2018 1:12:44

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    Sasha Hollander Gets Fucked At A Sand Bar

    We are swingers in the south,we are not Barbie & Ken but we like real people and HOT Fuck-a-thon. To all the nice comments thank you if you don't like the pics don't say anything it shows your ignorance. We love swinging and meeting fresh swingers. wanna play give us a shout

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